work from the beach


Work from the beach is possible when you learn how to make money online.
As I sit here on the beach topping up my tan, I can still post to my blog and be working although I would hardly call it work.
Work from the beach or anywhere you like once you join our team and start building your online business writing about the things that interest you.

We all have an interest or hobby so why not make money blogging about it just click on the link on the right and see the free video that shows how.

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Moving To Spain


Moving To Spain

If you are thinking of Moving To Spain then just look at the video below, this is a wednesday afternoon at about 6pm and the weather here is amazing all year round and that is one on the reasons I moved here but finding work was not so easy yet now I think that i have the perfect way to make money working from home online the hours that suit me.

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Anyone can learn just how to do this and live anywhere you like not just Spain as this is a real online business that gives you the freedom to live and work anywhere.

Moving To Spain

After Moving To Spain about 12 years ago now I did find work as a carpenter here and for the first few years all was good but when the crisis hit here work dried up almost overnight and that is when i started looking for a better way to earn money here in Spain.

After looking at and trying many systems that i found online i did make some income but the money was slow to come in and not really what i needed. then one day i saw just what i was looking for . A way to work the hours that i wanted and earn what ever i liked, so as i could enjoy moving to Spain and the laid back life style here.

Moving To Spain

There are many things to get straight when you are thinking of Moving To Spain, so making a living here and earning any real money is always a worry but now if you follow this proven system that shows you step by step just what to do to build your own online business, that worry is taken away and you will never have to worry about finding work again.

Yes you are going to have to put in a few hours to learn just what to do and to build up this online business, but the rewards are hugh. You will have total control on your new life once you start moving to Spain and after you have made that move to Spain you can really enjoy all that Spain has to offer.

After working from home online now for more than 3 years i would never go back to a "REAL JOB" again as working from home online here in Spain is the way to live out your dreams and i still get to travel the world seeing some amazing places all based from my home here in Almeria Spain.

Are you Moving To Spain ? just take a look at how i am living here and how you can learn how to do this too.

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Best work from home online Job


Best work from home online Job

Are you looking for the Best work from home online Job? well stop looking and start doing just what I am doing if you really want to have it all now and live the life you really want today .

OK so a bold claim but this really is the Best work from home online Job and i can prove it.

First off ...who am i and why the hell should you listen to me anyway?

My name is David Wright I am English and 52 years young and feeling younger every day. I now live in sunny Spain and got married 10 months ago to a lovely Spanish girl and now we travel the world doing the things we love and I work from home online blogging about it. In the last 12 months we have had 15 flights around the world and visited some amazing places like my 6 week long trip to Mexico and my 4 week long trip to Punta Cana, plus many other amazing places and just last week i bought myself my dream motor bike.

I work online from ANYWHERE I like about 4 hours a day and then have the rest of the time to do what i love and at the moment that is riding my new motor bike and fishing.

My new Motorbike

Best work from home online Job

The one that DIDN?T get away

Best work from home online Job

The reason I say this is the Best work from home online Job, is because it not only gives me the income i need to do all the things i love but it gives my FREEDOM. I don't have to answer to anyone, i have no boss and i work where and when I want, many times that is from my mobile phone from the airport or even when i am on the beach just chilling out.

Best work from home online Job

So just what do i do?

Well i write about my hobbies, travels and life in general and then post it on my blog and that's about it really. I do read and study about 1 hour every day and i am always learning new stuff that will help grow my online business. Yes this is a REAL Online Business with real products that help people to build an online business and earn enough to quit their boring jobs and do the things that they like.

I love making short videos with my Iphone and editing them on my pc then uploading them to my blog to make it even more interesting. Here in my home town of Almeria in Spain we have some great weather most of the year round so I am always out on my mountain bike or now on my motor bike making short videos of this area and what it is like living in Spain.

Best work from home online Job

What ever you are interested in there is always someone out there that will be interested in it too so why not write about the things that YOU like and make a real online income from it. Look not everyone will make money online and that is because not everyone will put in the effort. Most try a new thing for a few weeks and then give up. Look if you planted a new tomato seed in the garden and after a few weeks saw nothing, would you just forget it and say that it doesn't work. it takes time to see results sometimes but the results are up to you and how much effort you are going to put in.

If you learn a few new skills and invest a small amount in yourself then you could build a real online business that will give you the sort of living you want forever. Not only that but with the system that I use and the set up for you blog, The income is not fixed, it does not stop on Friday at 5pm, It works all day every day and night. This is what i really love. Just the other week i had an email to say that i had made another 125. Dollars commission and although that is not a large amount of money, the great thing is I made that money as i was asleep in bed the night before. Now where else can you make real money when you are asleep in bed.

Best work from home online Job

Many people are now working from home online but the Best work from home online Job Is one that works for you all day and night and grows slowly but surely every week, not only that but you grow too in every way. Now my outlook on life is so different than when I worked as a carpenter in the wet and windy UK. I look at life more positively now and instead of wishing for things to be better I make them better. If you really want a better way of life then YOU have the control of your life and Only YOU can change it.

For many years working as a carpenter I saw work mates saving their money for when they retire and so many of them never reached retirement age or the ones who did are now in ill health and can't really enjoy it or worst still the money doesn't last their retirement.

Once you start with the Best work from home online Job, you will build an income that will always be coming in not one that stops when you retire or is cut because of working hours being cut or job crisis that may happen overnight.

Best work from home online Job

One of my best friends back in the UK worked hard all his life for a big company and got very high up in that company and was earning pretty good money but then one day right out of the blue on a Friday he was called into the office and told that he was being let go due to cut backs at head office.

He was so set in that job that now he knows nothing else and at 53 years old he will have a real problem getting a job as he only knows that one.

Don't let others tell you how you should live your life and what you should earn.... Earn what YOU want and work when you want...... Now you really can with the Best work from home online Job.

Take a look at the FREE report we have put together it is an instant download and FREE so that you can see more on just how it works and how easy You can star your own online business...

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Legitimate work from home business

Are you looking for a Legitimate work from home business, what about working from home online the hours that suit you.

For the last few years I have been working from home online and showing others how to do the same and earn enough to quite their boring 9-5 jobs and start living as they really like. Now with this system you can learn a few new skills and start generating an online income straight away. OK so you will have to put is some time learning some new things but with all the audio and video training provided it is a step by step system that anyone can learn.

With so many people online offering ways to get rich quick it is hard to find something that is a Legitimate work from home business so that is why we give you a link to our income disclosure page so you can see just what people are making. Not everyone will make money online and that is because not everyone is the same and some people just want a quick money making system. Thats find but we like to show people how to make money the right way with Real great  products and training that will mean you can build up your online business to earn you the amount that you need. the only limit on your earnings is what you put on it.

me traveling the world

Legitimate work from home business

Now with this easy to follow proven system anyone can start building a real online business working from home or anywhere that you have a pc and internet. yes that means that you can even work from your mobile phone and still make real online income. this is real freedom to live how you want and be your own boss with a legitimate work from home business.

For me traveling the world is my passion and so working online means i can travel and still be working at the same time. This legitimate work from home business is great if you dont like getting stuck in the rush hour traffic as you work from anywhere at any time that suits you and you can continue to learn from others in your team who are here to help you and your business grow. There is new training out almost every week so you will be ever improving your skills and that means your business will grow with you.

Legitimate work from home business by makemoneyblog

legitimate work from home business

Stop looking for a legitimate work from home's here....just follow what others are doing and with this set up for you system you can ad your personal touches and build a business that will give you the income that you need to enjoy the life you want now.

See the FREE video that shows how it all link below now.

Legitimate work from home business

Work In Spain


Work In Spain

If you are looking for Work In Spain then read just how I moved from the UK over 12 years ago and now live and work in Spain but still get to travel the world doing all the things that i love. It has been difficult at times and if you are sure that you want to move to Spain and are looking for work in Spain then I have some great tips that will save you time and money.

Now my working day starts with a bike ride along the sea front and breakfast in a local beach bar, then home to work online for about 4 hours then that's me done and i can go out on my new motor bike or do whatever I like here in the warm sun shine of Almeria in southern Spain.

there is the bar that i have breakfast in most days

Work In Spain

Moving to Spain was always one of my dreams and after talking about it for many years I decided one day that enough was enough and we packed our bags and went for it. First off I rented for about 6 months and that is a great idea as you get to know just what it is really like living in Spain and once you start living there you soon see that it is quite different than just a few weeks holiday.

Finding work in Spain was easy 12 years ago but when the crisis hit here things changed overnight and it is still hard to find a good paying job here as there are so many local Spanish people still out of work and there is a large amount of immigrants here too. To get ahead of the others you will need to speak Spanish so start learning even before you come here, there are so many expats here that say " yes i will learn once we are there and it won't take long once i am living with the Spanish people" This is just bull...about 90% of the people I know who have moved here don't speak Spanish and some of them have been here for more than 12 years. It is hard for British people to learn Spanish and i think that it is because we are not really taught much in the way of a second language when we are at school.

If you are going to be looking for work in Spain then the number one thing that will really help is learn to speak Spanish. for the first 2 years here i did not really learn but then when i wanted to start on my own here i had to and fast. Now i am married to a Spanish girl and most of my friends are Spanish so now my Spanish is quite good.

Work In Spain

Most of the work in Spain is in bars and restaurants and some local offices, unless you are going to be working for a British bar where they all speak English then you will need to speak pretty good Spanish.

There are locals who are going to be competing for the same jobs so one language is just not enough. Plus all the daily things like bills, bank accounts and buying and selling a car are all in Spanish so if you don't speak Spanish then you are going to have to pay someone to help you and this is what i did at first and it is not cheap.

You should think about the area that you are going to live in as many towns here are very touristy and many close down for the winter months or just have seasonal staff, try and pick an area that has all year round tourists like some of the bigger towns near the beach in the south are best.

Work In Spain

Remember that if you work in Spain that the income is much lower than that of the UK but the cost of living here is a lot cheaper too so it evens out a bit but just last week I had a trip back to the UK to visit family and now for me everything in the UK is about double the cost of what i have been use to here.

If you want to get a head start on finding work in Spain then look online for work in the area that you want to move to before you come and this will give you an idea of what is available. The cost of renting is good at the moment but remember that if you are thinking of buying here then the tax is at 21% right now and to give you an idea of what thats like about 6 years ago i bought a house here for 220,000 Euros and the taxes where 20,000 and that is a big amount if you are not ready for it to be taken out of your bank.

Over the last 12 years i have found work in Spain as a carpenter and builder as well as a few other jobs but now I work from home online and this has really change my life and given me the income that lets me really enjoy this amazing country.

If you take these tips and do some research then you can get work in Spain and have a great life here.

Have a look at how I am now working from home online here in Spain and still travel the world...

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