work from the beach


Work from the beach

Many people are looking for a way to #workhfromhomeonline but should be looking for a way to work from the beach.
Real freedom is being able to work from anywhere you want at any time that suits you. Today I am chilling out on the beach with my wife and just got myself a small portable solar charger so as I can have power all day and internet from my mobile phone.
Posting to my blog between swimming and snorkelling is great as I can be with the people I want to be with enjoying the things I love and still be working online from anywhere even from the beach.

Work from the beach or anywhere you like once you learn how to make money online with this amazing blogging system.
Work from the beach today and from the lounge tomorrow it really is up to you, never before has it been so easy to start an online business but following the right people is the key, the products and training on this set up for you blogging system is amazing. Follow people who are generating real online income working from home online from anywhere.

Work from the beach is what I am doing today , tomorrow we will see.

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moving to Spain


Moving to Spain

About 12 years ago I decided I wanted to live in a warm country so #movingtospain was a great idea but finding work there is still hard.

After finding work as a carpenter for a few years I finally started working from home online blogging about the things that interested me.
Moving to Spain has been a great move for me but without finding this amazing blogging system, I would find it hard to earn money here.
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this is my view from my terrace tonight.

Don' just think about it do it now.

Move To Spain


Move To Spain

when I first thought about a move to Spain, i never thought that i would end up working from the beach online but it is an amazing way to earn an income.

Today i had to get up early as we are getting some great sun rises here at the moment and so a quick trip out on my new motorbike and saw this view from the beach.

Move To Spain

After working here for a building company for a few years i soon decided that i wanted more time and money but wanted to work from home in spain and not have to report to anyone.

Move To Spain

After trying many systems to make money online i found a video that showed just what i wanted. this was a set up for you blogging platform that lets anyone earn a real online income from writing about the things that interest them. Blogging was new to me but with the online audio and video training that is provided this is a great and easy way to learn a few new skills and start generating an online income.

Spain is a great place to live and now i not only have the income but the freedom as well so a day at the beach or a trip up to the hills doesn't mean i am not working as with this mobile system i can still be blogging from my mobile phone anywhere i like even when i am sitting on the beach topping up my tan.

If you are thinking of a #movetospain then why not follow this blogging system and start generating your online income from home or anywhere. The internet is growing so fast now and everyone has a mobile phone so why be stuck in an office when you can be working from the beach.

If you are thinking of a #movetospain and are looking for work in spain or just looking for a way to earn some extra income then why not follow a proven system with real training and real products that will teach you step by step just what to do.

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having a long day and night on the beach just chilling out with friends and still blogging at the same time.

move to spain

Work Online In Spain


Work Online In Spain

Are you looking for Work online In Spain or maybe you are thinking of moving to Spain or are you here now and need to work online in Spain?

Who the hell am I and why should you listen to me?

Well after moving here from England and  working here in Spain for over 10 years now, I have seen and heard it all and tried most work here. Now I have found the most amazing way to work Online in Spain the hours I want and still have money and freedom to enjoy my life. see me in Spain here.

Well Now I just work about 3 hours a day and earn enough money to travel the world based from my home here in Almeria Spain. For the last 2 years I have traveled on holiday for more than 10 times and the last trip to Mexico was my 3rd there and that was for 6 long weeks traveling around seeing all the amazing sights.

Work Online In Spain

Anyone with a pc can follow just what I do and have the same results and live the life you really want whether it be here in Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Finding any Work In Spain is still hard to find and unless you speak Spanish very well you will find it hard to get work in Spain for anything other than bar work. Even then you will be competing with all the Spanish who are now out of work in Spain and looking for a job doing anything.

After i found work in Spain as a carpenter when i first came here all was great but when the crises hit here a few years back, work in Spain dried up fast and things became very difficult for everyone. About that time i started a course online building websites and did make some money with a website i had but this was not what i really wanted as it took many hours and the income was slow to come in.

Then i found the answer. A BLOG...ok now before you say what is a blog or i know nothing about the internet, hear me out.

Work Online In Spain

What i now use to make a full time living working from home online is easy for anyone to learn. It is a set up for you blogging system that lets you write about the things that you are interested in, we all have a hobby or passion so why not write about it and post it on the set up for you blog and earn money for it.

This set up system has all the training that you will ever need in the way of audio and video training that you can follow at the sped that suits you at a time that is good for you.

One of the best things  with this blogging system is that you can live anywhere in the world not just Spain and as long as you have a pc and internet connection you are good to go.

This is not like any job you have ever had as it earns money for you even when you are asleep....let me explain.

Just the other week i was checking my email as i was sitting on the patio here having breakfast and saw that i had an email telling me that i had just received a commission of $125. ok so that is not a large amount of money i know but it was made as i was asleep in bed the night before. this works for you 24 hours a day all year long so each time you ad an article to you blog it helps boost that blog and each article you write is a link back to your blog where the money is made.

Work Online In Spain

Stop looking for work in Spain and start generating your own online income working from home.

Work in Spain is still hard to find here at the moment and may stay like that for some time to come but the internet is growing at such a fast speed it is time to get in on the action NOW!

Now with this system Work in Spain never need be a problem again and in time if you put in some effort you will have an income that will last for life.

Now i know how to make money online i will never have to look for Work In Spain again or anywhere else for that matter. there is also a new part to this blogging system that lets you blog from your mobile phone so you can work from anywhere in the world at the touch of a few buttons.

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What are you doing today and next week?


Its Sunday and i am just off to the beach here in sunny Spain where i now live.

Tomorrow i will be going to the beach again to do some fishing with my new rod and just chill out as there will not be many people there on Monday.

I bet you are not going to the beach on Monday morning? but you could do anything you like its just YOU not knowing how that is stopping you so why not LEARN NOW...

That is the great thing about working online .

I am my own boss and work the hours that suit me so as i cant do the things i love when ever i want.

If you learn how to make money with a blog then you can do the same.

Look this system i am now using lets me work from anywhere the hours that i want so i can enjoy life as i like.

You can see the proof this is true below.

If you want to know how to make money online blogging about the things that interest you then just follow a proven system that WORKS.

If you learn a few new skills then anyone can do this just take a look at the free video that shows just what this is all about.


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