Yes Can You Make Money With A Blog


Yes You Can Make Money With A Blog

When I tell people Yes You Can Make Money With A Blog there ask how?...Well there are of course many ways to make money with a blog but for the last 2 years i have been using what many people are using and think is a great way for anyone to learn how to make money online with a blog.

Look We all have interests and hobbies or something that we are passionate about, so why not write about it and post it on your blog and generate an online income for it.

The reason that Most people DON'T make money with a blog is because they don't see any income coming in after a few weeks so they quit and that is why this system that i use is DIFFERENT. seenhow it works >HERE<

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Yes You Can Make Money With A Blog

So This system is built to get people earning an income straight away in the first few weeks so that way they can see that it is a REAL online business and they stick with it and start to learn the skills that they need to generate a real healthy online income from blogging.

OK yes It does take time to build up an online income so with the system that i use if people see money being paid into their bank in just a few weeks they are reassured that this is a REAL online business and then follow the training and build on their results to earn great online income.

I think that Working from home online is a great way to earn a living and being able to work the hours that YOU want when YOU want and not have to answer to anyone, is great.

For me I have always loved to travel and with this blogging system i use I still get to travel the world and can blog about my travels and just about anything else i like as i am traveling.

Now with the new app that lets you blog from your mobile phone, it really is a mobile business that people really like because it gives you the income and the freedom to live your life as you want to.

Yes You Can Make Money With A Blog

So Not everyone will make money online and most of the time that is because not everyone puts in the effort. There are so many people online telling you that if you use their system you can get rich in a few weeks but that is not the case. you can make money with this system in just a few days or even hours but it does take constant work and learning to build up the income that will help you earn enough to quit your job and go full time as i now do. When i say full time i mean for me that is working about 4 hours a day but i work anywhere and when i want.

Therefore  the answer to Can You Make Money With A Blog' is a big fat yes but you have to put in the effort like anything. The thing that I love about blogging is that whatever you are interested in there is always someone out there that is interested in the same things as you.

It is a Monday morning and as most people are sitting in their cars in traffic fighting to get to work, i am on the beach, There is always things to blog about and if you want to make money with a blog then just take a look at the FREE video in the link below that shows how this system works....

There really is a better way to make money and working from home online blogging is a way that i have found to be the best way to have an income and a real business as well as having the time to enjoy life as you like...

Yes You Can Make Money With A Blog

Take a look at the free video below....


No More Monday Morning Blues


No More Monday Morning Blues

What is the answer  to having No More Monday Morning Blues, I am not going to work  on Mondays ever again? Well I think I now have the answer...

I used to hate Monday Mornings as  when i worked in the uk as a carpenter and builder, getting up early and going to work in the wind and having all my tools get wet.

Day in and day out i did this for 12 years before one day i said "ENOUGH" and started working from home online.

Now i work from home online here in sunny Spain and still get to travel the world doing what i love, at the moment thats fishing and diving.

Look guys i just wanted to show you that i am a real person and that there is a better way to make money if you want to get out of the rat race and start living life as YOU want now....

No More Monday Morning Blues

I use a proven system to build my online business and with the training provided now anyone can learn how to do the same.

Most people think that working online is not a real job...Well its not like any job you have ever had before and it does take word work but the rewards are so much better not just the money but the free time you have to do what you like.

Most days I work at home about 4 hours a day and some days like today I am working from the beach here in my home town. Sitting in a beach bar writing this draft and then i will upload it to my website from my mobile phone as i drink my coffe here and check out the amazing views over the beach.

No More Monday Morning Blues

No More Monday Morning Blues


OK so not everyone will make money online and that is because most don't see any income coming in after a few weeks and so they quit.

The system that I now use is built to get people earning an income in the first few weeks so they can see that it is a real online business and they will then stay with it and build a real online icome that will help them live the life they really want.

If you want a change and No More Monday Morning Blues

Take a look at this system that i use here

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

Work From Home Online Anywhere


Work From Home Online Anywhere

Work just a few hours a day online at home and start earning a REAL income in just a few weeks...

Most people DON'T make any money online because they don't see any money coming in after a few weeks and so quit.


This is different, the system i now use is a REAL business model that starts paying you straight away so when you see that you are really earning money you will stay with the system and start to learn how to build that business and generate a real healthy online income.

Work From Home Online Anywhere


I moved from England to Almeria here in Spain and still get to travel the world doing what i love.

I love to travel the world and this business has helped me fund my amazing trips see here...

Learn from people who are really making money online and build your own online income fast see the free video in the link above now..


There is even a trail run so you can see it works...




The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail

So what is The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail?

There is now a real answer and most important a new way to make them all work in the first few weeks even days.

Well although there are many reasons why online businesses fail, there really is only one reason that makes most people quit, and start looking for something else in less than 3 months.

The idea of starting an online business is to make money and it really is as simple as that, here we also have the reason why they fail.  MONEY, Cash and flow.

For 99% of people who start an online business they will fail in less than 90 days because they don't see much or any income coming in. The first few weeks and months is where most people quit and start looking for the next idea.

The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail

If people who started an online business were able to start getting an income to that business in a few weeks or even days, they would feel better about the business and therefore stay with it giving the business time to grow and generate a healthy online income.

There are many expenses when starting an online business as there are with starting an offline business but these online expenses can now be very low compared to off line businesses.

If you have a great idea for a business the idea and enthusiasm alone is not enough to succeed. You need money coming in for 3 reasons.

1: It helps pay for expenses.

 2: It builds your morale.

3: It feeds the growth of the business.

Learn How To Make Money With A Blog Fast por simonandy

The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail

For years now there have been many new systems online that promise to make you rich but unless you have very large amounts of traffic going to these businesses and very good products you will fail.

So what is the answer?

If people could start earning money straight away like in the first few weeks, or even days, then they would have confidence it that system and would stay with it and as time passes they would receive more income and therefore start to build that online growth in that business.

No one will quit a business that is starting to generate an income and if that income starts straight away then more people would stay with it. THIS IS THE ANSWER,

Now there is a system that has been built to do just that.

This system is all about seeing a fast income and this is what people need to see in any business.

Also getting in on a new system early is key as with many online businesses being promoted, when one takes off it starts to become saturated, but if people are already making money with it then they will stay with it and it will have passed the set up stage and really start to generate a great online income for them and what ever business they are promoting.

The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail

Have a look at this "FREE" Video that shows just how this works





Build Your Own Energy


Build Your Own  Energy

Build Your Own  Energy is a guide that teaches people just how to build a homemade solar panel and wind turbine at a very low cost. It also claims to reduce 80%-100% of your electric bill. However, is it true? Did the guide really people in achieving their goal? Well let me share with you something about the guide.

The Contents of the guide are as follows...

How to prepare Building A Green Energy Source

How does the Solar And Wind Power Work

A Detailed Instruction mentioning How To Build Your Own Solar Panel or wind turbine

Colorful images to guide You Along The Way

Pin Point Accurate directions and important steps

How To Obtain components For Free

Build Your Own Energy by makemoneyblog

Build Your Own  Energy

The site claim that you can build your own Solar or wind system for less than $200.Well, after going through the guide, one main benefit you get is knowing how to get a $600 battery free. If you can follow the instruction properly, you can reduce costs by 90%.The site also claims of saving up to 80% electricity.

I had built a mini solar system to generate enough solar energy to power my light bulb to test it out and it worked out fine. So one can go ahead to build a big one and save up to 80% of the electricity bill.

The results vary from person to person, because everyone uses a different amount of fuel or consumption of electricity at their home. But it is sure that you will get back your investment after following this guide and the kit within a few days. Energy prices in the global world are rising up and we need such alternate energy to generate savings which will secure for the future.

Many scientists and experts are exploring further to seek alternative fuels that will reduce greenhouse effect caused by the fossil fuel gases. Now is your chance to come forward and do your part and help the environment. Even if this is not your objective, then also you can are still saving massive amounts of energy.

Quickly, let me mention the return on investments on following the product Build Your Own  Energy.This windmill kit will cost you around $100, which is really nothing when compared to the average energy bill that you get every month. This windmill will be generating you the power or electricity for at least the next 3 to 5 years, possibly saving you lots of dollars in your energy bill.

Also, the solar panels can be easily constructed with a budget around $150, which is very cheap compared to those professional installs. Also even if you have a professionally installed device, then you may have to wait for years before you get back the money.

Build Your Own  Energy and start saving on your energy bills now, see the free video on how to get started below..


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