How To Get Traffic


How To Get Traffic

If you want to learn how to make money online then you must know how to get traffic to your offer or site. For a few years now I have been working from homw online and making some money too but it has not been until recently that my business has started to really take off and it is all down to knowing How To Get Traffic.

How To Get Traffic

It is not just any old traffic though, you need targeted traffic and When I was out in Miami last January, I meet a guy who really knows How To Get Traffic he is the master of traffic called Vick. Why is he the master? well he earned over 3 million dollars last years and he has become known as the traffic king.

He has been working on a training system that will show anyone how to master traffic and he was selling this system in Miami.

Yes I bought this system and have been going through all the training videos and is amazing. there are things in it that just are really high level ways that 90% of marketers never know anything about just how to generate any amounts of traffic to any site or offer.

Just think what this would mean to what you are doing online.

Getting TARGETED Traffic to see what you have and get this every day..

Have a look at a pic of my aweber account the first time i tried just one thing he shows in the training....


Look guys if you are really wanting to make money online First you need to understand traffic and in this amazing course you will become a master of traffic....if there is one thing that you need to invest in then this is it..

How To Get Traffic

If you are a member of Empower Network then you can get the "Internet Traffic Formula" in your back office, if not then you can still get this training as they are going to release it again to the public soon. If you want to be one of the first to get it then just go to link below now..

How serious are you about making money online?.....


work in Spain


work in Spain

Are you are Thinking of moving or are already living in Spain then finding work in Spain, or a way of earning some extra money can be difficult but I have found an amazing way to not only work in Spain and earn just what I need, but to live and work in Spain and still travel the world doing the things that I love.

If you follow just what I am now doing, anyone can earn money working the hours that suit them and have the money and freedom to live the life you really want NOW.


So who the hell am I and why listen to me?

Ok my name is David and about 10 years ago I moved to Spain to start a new life as working in England as a carpenter was getting me down. The weeks just went by and the weekends always seemed to be wet or windy so come the weekend when i had some free time, the weather put a halt to my outdoor passions.

work in Spain

Spain seemed like a great place to live and had plenty of sun so making a move there seemed like a good idea. Well the first few years here things were great and working as a carpenter here was ok and it was better getting a sun tan than getting cold and wet as was my working days back in the UK.

When the crisis hit a few years back though the work here dried up pretty fast and meeting all the bills became difficult so that is about when I started looking foe a way to make some money online working from home. At first I was amazed at just how many people are trying to sell you ways to get rich quick and it was difficult to find something that actually worked for me.

After starting a training course I did make some money online with selling other peoples products on a website that I had learnt how to build but the income was slow to come in and was not really enough to pay all my bills.

work in Spain

Then one day as I was searching online for something better I found a video about blogging, well I knew nothing about blogging and how it worked in regards to making any money with it. This video showed a set up for you system with loads of ongoing training and looked easy to follow as it was aimed at people like me who were looking to have more money and work less hours.

I started with this blogging company and was amazed at the training and the first few days was stuck to my pc day and night soaking it all up.

The online video and audio training provided was easy to follow and after just a few days I had a blog set up and ready to start earning me money.

The great thing about this system is you can use it to promote any business or interest that you already have or you can start to build your own online business just by writing about the things that interest you. Now we all have a hobby or interest and there is always someone out there who will be interested in the same things as you, so why not write about it and start earning money for it, it really is that easy. Ok so you will have to learn some new skills but all the help and training is there. The thing I like the most with this system is that you can work the hours you want from anywhere in the world, all you need is a pc and internet, it is even possible to work from your mobile phone as I often now do.

work in Spain

Now I work in Spain from home online and still get to travel the world with my new wife, we had 3 amazing holidays last year and the last one was for 6 long weeks in Mexico. look guys 6 weeks not just a few days and we had a private limo and 5 star accommodation all the way. (except when we stayed 2 nights in the jungle) but that's another storey:-) see my trips here > My Trips<

I now have a growing team all over the world who I help to build their online business so as they can quit their jobs or just earn the money they need to do the things they love now.

Look guys I am 52 years old and can't wait till i retire to enjoy my life, I WANT IT ALL NOW! and why not. well with this system just by following a proven system that others are using it really is possible to earn a great online income working from home anywhere.

In January i had a trip out to miami to meet up with some of my team members and learn new ways to build my income even higher and faster and now I show my team how to do that too. ( see my Miami trip Here).

Stop thinking about it and start doing it now, with this system anyone can do it if they really want to and if they follow just what others are in Spain

Have a look at the FREE Video that shows how here...






WOW.. It's Monday Morning


WOW.. It's Monday Morning

If you don't get up on a Monday Morning and say that then you are in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing, or both.

There is a better way and i really think I have found it and it is something anyone can do to start living the life they really want....

Today I got out of bed and looked out the window and said "WOW.. It's Monday Morning" and that is such a great feeling.

Now why did I say that?  well I am living in sunny Spain and work from home online the hours that I want and earn a great online income.


Have a look at a Monday Morning for me in video below

It was not always like that though, just a few years back I was living and working in the UK as a carpenter in all weathers , mostly rain. Now my life here is so different.

So this is how my day goes... about 8 am I got up and went for my usual bike ride along the beach near my home here in Almeria Spain. I normally go to the next village and stop near the port and have some breakfast , then ride back to my home and after a shower start sending out a few emails and write on my blog.

I write about the things that interest me like fishing ,diving and live in Spain plus my travels around the world. O yes I still get to travel the world even though I moved to Spain, this is just a base for me and traveling is what i love most, visiting amazing new countries and seeing some interesting places. I then get to write about it and earn money for it.

We all have a hobby or interest and there is always someone out there who will be interested in what you have to say. I now use a set up for you blogging system that lets me post on the blog and start generating a REAL online income for it.

Now anyone can learn a few new skills and start earning a great online income writing about the things that they are interested in.

My Monday morning view.

 Monday Morning blues

are a thing of the past and no more sitting in traffic just to get to work for a boss i don't like . Be your own boss and work the hours that suit you and start living your life the way you want, look if i can do it then so can you, learn how to make money online and live anywhere you like and work the hours that fit in with the life that you want.

 See the free video on just how it works...


Looking For more leads for your website

If you are Looking For more leads for your website then how about getting "40,000 leads a day".

Well that sounds impossible but that is what this new system does and it has been proven to work for anyone.

We all know that to build any online or off line business then getting traffic and high quality leads is the most important thing that will grow your business.

For the last 2 years now I have been working from home online and doing ok.... but ok is not enough for me, I wanted to be doing great and when i started using this Internet Traffic Formula and my traffic, leads and sales just shot through the roof.

Last January I had a trip out to Miami to meet with the guy who build this traffic generating system and he has just earned over 3 million dollars in the last 2 years so this guy really knows how to build big lists and generate leads and sales to anything.

 Looking For more leads for your website

Stop Looking For more leads for your website and start using a system that generates as many leads and sales as you want, now building a list and getting loads of targeted traffic to any page or website is not a problem, stop waiting and get fast results this training course has some amazing video training that is just so much better than anything else online at the moment.

Traffic= leads=sales..... that is how it works and getting targeted traffic is the key and now with internet traffic formula will take your business to the next level and once you start seeing the results you will never have problems getting traffic and leads again.

Looking For more leads for your website

There are many companies and people online selling good traffic and these will help build your list but with this system you will boost your list with quality leads in a very short time and as you scale up the traffic and leads will also start coming in faster and the way we all want to build a business is as FAST as possible right,

There are some FREE training videos that are out this week and show just what this system will do for you so take a look at this now.

Looking For more leads for your website

Click on the link below..


Learn How To Make Money With A Blog Fast

It is one thing to make money with a blog but what we all want is to learn how to make money with a blog FAST and start seeing the money come in RIGHT?.

Well just by following a proven set up for you system it really is now possible to earn money online working from home the hours that suit you.

Take a look at the video below.

If you learn how to make money with a blog fast OR slowly the thing is that it is up to YOU, if you are really set in your mind that you want to make money online with a blog then you will, taking action is the key and for so many people just getting started is the first step that they NEVER take.

It is one thing to say you want something but quite another to actually start doing something about it.

Learn how to make money with a blog fast

Look guys not everyone can make money online and that is because most give up at the first hurdle, with this set up for you system there is all the training that you will ever need and it is updated weekly so you are always on top of the game.

If you really want to learn how to make money with a blog FAST then take the first step.



Join our growing teamm and let us help you  Click link below now !

learn how to make money with a blog fast


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